Turnaround Logic


I never quite understood the logic behind loneliness.
Because sometimes, it is when I’m surrounded with people I feel the most alone.
Like the people around me just work on a completely different frequency. When flaws are so easily pointed out it’s literally painful.

So it’s not just company we seek. It’s the right company.
And that’s a whole new level of difficult. There needs to be a certain distance from one self to really know what the blockage is.

There are times when everybody just “does wrong”. When all I can focus on are people’s shortcomings, while also tearing myself down.

All I want is to be alone. Not alone as in isolated. Just alone.
For time to stop, so I get a minute to catch my breath.

And my theory is: the life I want to live is so far from right now.
There isn’t anything as self destructive as not living your life. Because it will hurt you, and the people around you.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is: the struggle to live your life is great. But it will be worth it.
Every struggle will eventually be worth it. The word struggle shouldn’t be viewed upon as a constant state. It isn’t. But only if you actually do struggle. Because idly standing by in a struggle isn’t to struggle. That’s giving up, and the struggle leads to defeat.

Don’t be defeated by something so trivial.

Text: Fredric Andersson

Det här är ytterligare ett samarbete mellan mig och Fredric. Han skickar texter till mig, jag skickar bilder till honom. När det gäller denna text bad jag Fredric att få illustrera den – kunde nämligen ha skrivit den själv… 🙂



2 svar till “Turnaround Logic

  1. väldigt fint, Maria!


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