Arms wide open…..

Arms wide open

When exclaiming ourselves as social animals, we like to talk about ourselves as either being an introvert or an extrovert. Although no one is a true introvert or extrovert, we have a predisposition. I like to consider myself an introvert: I enjoy the calm of my own presence. I need alone time to function. On the other hand, I’m a very social person, who likes to connect with people around me and share my perspective of the world, share my interests and laugh hysterically.
Being an introvert isn’t necessarily easy. Without victimizing myself and my fellow introverts; being secluded to your own thoughts can be dangerous. Conversing with your own mind can be destructive.
If I have learnt anything from being an introvert, it’s that how easy it is to be intimidated by the world around me. My arms are open, but sometimes, my arms are coated with thorns. A protective illusion, creating a barrier around me. And although the thorns are my security blanket, they are also my worst enemy.

Not being able to retract and let the guard down, making it possible to see me who I really am. It’s not intentional, no, but inevitable, nonetheless.

What it has also taught me is that the thorns are just that; thorns. They might protect me from physical pain, while leaving the emotional parts completely unprotected. A flesh wound to the soul can’t be waded off. So I raise more arms, coated in more thorns, until I’m surrounded by my own fear. My own fear of pain, not letting it teach me the lesson it’s trying to teach me.

But eventually, I realize that it no longer helps. My thorn coated arms only block out my view of the world around me. And it doesn’t just shield off the bad stuff – it blocks out the good, too. When all I see is my protection in front of me, it’s easy to believe that fear and hurt is all there is.

So if you’re like me: shed off those thorns and retracts your protective arms. The transformation will be amazing. The life within needs to breathe.
And that doesn’t mean you have to become an extrovert, if that’s not who you feel you are. Introverts are known for the creative power, and creativity should never be held back. Being an extrovert isn’t better than being an introvert and vice versa: it’s two different ways of looking at the world, both having its pros and cons.

So don’t try to be someone you’re not. It shines through. Just be a better version of yourself. Constantly work towards become the best you that you could possibly be. There is no better reward in life than that.

Denna underbara text är skriven av Fredric. Han är en ljuvlig kille från Åmål, som jag är tacksam över att känna! Vid en fika i somras bestämde vi oss för att testa att samarbeta. Jag skickar bilder till honom, han skriver en text – och vice versa! Håll utkik efter denna kille, han har en gåva….”he has a way with words”, kan man lugnt säga!

2 svar till “Arms wide open…..

  1. jag får ”ståpäls” när jag läser texten! En nedstigen ängel!


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